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People at the John O'Groats counter reading newspapers

Bring your family to the genial, sociable John O’Groats

23 June 2015, courtesy Westside Today

"It’s a busy weekend morning at John O’Groats as you wait for the man to take your name down on his trusty clipboard as he speaks in Spanish to his bus boys inside the diner named after a Scottish town."

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John O'Groats named one of the Best Family Restaurants in LA

24 Apr 2015, courtesy of Family Vacation Hub

"Delicious Food from Family Friendly RestaurantsLos Angeles is a huge city and the amount of places to dine at is quite overwhelming. For this reason, we started our list of the best family restaurants in Los Angeles to help those visiting, find great food in a family friendly environment." John O'Groats made the list for Best Family Restaurant for Breakfast in LA!

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O'Groats is one of LA's Best Weekday Breakfast Spots

22 Apr 2015, courtesy of Los Angeles Eater

"Brunch is always a welcome retreat on the weekends, but it's a little bit harder to find places that serve a great breakfast during the week. Since this city hosts so many people who work from home or get to enjoy odd hours (read: actors, writers, etc), there seems to be demand for those looking to enjoy the morning meal at someplace better than the corner diner. Here's a helpful guide to the best weekday breakfast spots in L.A., from once-in-a-while splurges to everyday routines."

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Proud to Serve one of LA's 10 Best Breakfasts

5 Oct 2015, courtesy of Huffington Post

"In the wee morning hours, Los Angeles offers many ways to gorge oneself: You can roll out of bed and stumble to your local nondescript corner restaurant for something involving eggs (Kings Road Cafe comes to mind), you can drive to an LA institution for a specific craving (such as 101 Coffee Shop or Swingers), or you can booze it up with full-on brunch. What I'm going to be talking about today is breakfast, straight up."

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